Article published at: Jun 28, 2023
All Magazine
In a setting suspended between sky and sea, immersed in art and history, Maria and Luisa Jewels pays homage to Venice, its splendor and its beauty. A project conceived as a dialogue between arts and skills which sees the interplay of jewelery wrapped in mystery, in the bizarreness and sumptuousness of a city full of charm, romance, eccentricity and extravagance.

Maria Luisa Pianegonda rethinks the collection in an elegant and bold way in a mix of character and style for a woman, or a man, capable of choosing and following her own path because for Maria and Luisa Jewels femininity cannot ignore full freedom.

Jewels become a tribute to character, beauty, art and goldsmith skill, today more vital than ever.

Here Venice becomes the place for the celebration of art and its artisanal expressions. Calli, bell towers, squares and canals accompany in a succession of sounds and lights, an infinite story of beauty and emotion. A story that smacks of East and West, of encounters between different cultures and peoples, of richness and diversity.

In this city, the fulcrum of the arts, exchanges and meetings, the Maria and Luisa collections are nourished by stimuli, curiosities and emotions. Because for Maria and Luisa, diversity is wealth and art is a constant source of inspiration.


The mind that thinks and creates, the hand and the heart that execute in an incessant creation of small timeless works.

The burin that carves the surface, line after line, frees the material from the superfluous, shaping its shapes.

Jewels forged by hand respecting the centuries-old techniques that have been handed down among Italian goldsmith masters, from generation to generation.

In the collection the colors vibrate in jewels with a refined style and a strong character that is at times romantic and mysterious. Pastel, persuasive and bright colors frame with light and personality. The carved chains mix in bold volumes. Rings and earrings become shields of color and seals of style and energy.

Intertwining of arts that come together so that the jewel becomes an expression of who you are and not of what you have.