Article published at: Jun 27, 2023
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Made in Italy as an absolute value to favor beauty, enhance quality and Italian goldsmith craftsmanship. Italy, the cradle of culture and art, the place to get lost among the wonders of nature and the wonder of creativity, is a continuous source of inspiration for the Maria and Luisa Jewels collections. The desire, to create small works of art to be passed down over time, custodians of the magic that this wonderful country offers.


In a journey full of charm and mystery, Maria and Luisa Jewels meets the creative flair of Adrien Charles Wettach, the "Clown King", who with his fervent imagination and surprising imagination, created the magnificent Villa Grock in 1920 which was the his home and his theater.
A magical place, an incredible set of shapes and colours, of luminous games and arcane shadows, of happy intuitions and poetic ventures. Looking around, everything speaks of him and his multifaceted personality.
It is in this context of original creativity and art that Maria and Luisa Jewels reveals its feminine beauty.

Within the walls of a magical space, Maria and Luisa interprets the image of a woman immersed in the most beautiful spring ever, feminine and aware. A woman free from all judgment and prejudice, who dances between the rooms of her imagination with eyes full of profound and pure beauty.

The sounds of nature mark the passage of time and the rapid flow of the most intimate thoughts. A hymn to rebirth and the cult of beauty. The hymn to a woman free to be because no one must interrupt her and our path.