The jewel

The balance of details

The discreet charm of Made in Italy is expressed in the creative tradition that combines innovation, manufacturing and experimental rigor, love for detail, formal refinement and iconographic culture.

The balance of the details and the classicism of the ornaments are discovered in the silver surfaces.

Hand-chiseled embroidery, shaped and worked with passion, attention and rigor.

Geometries, atmospheres, decorative preciousness, capture that singular suspension between light and shadow, that balance between severity and elegance.

Excellent profiles, essential and sinuous lines, femininity full of regal grace are the distinctive elements of our jewels which become a modern reinterpretation of the ancient goldsmith's craft.

Matter and stones

Silver, gold, bronze and natural, precious and semi-precious stones are the materials that give life to the collections.

The warm color of gold accompanies the purity of silver, the naturalness of the stones warms and enhances the shapes in an enchantment of flashes, lights and colours.

It is from the colors of the earth that we draw inspiration and it is the earth that offers magnificent stones to wear: cognac quartz, blue topaz, amethyst and rose quartz, onyx, prasiolite and smoky quartz make up the world of the Maria and Luisa Jewels collections.

A "Made in Italy" Jewel

Exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design, contemporary functionality and the highest quality materials are the standards that the company wants to guarantee through its creations.

For this reason we guarantee that every single procedure is carried out in Italy.

From the design to the creation of the precious piece; every step is followed by a master goldsmith who transmits his knowledge and experience into jewels that are the expression of quality, refinement, exclusivity.

Ethical code

Deep commitment to knowing the origin of all products and materials used in order to ensure that standards of social and environmental responsibility are preserved.

We are committed to purchasing diamonds only in those countries that are full participants in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) created to eliminate the flow of conflict diamonds smuggled out of war-torn regions by those who finance the violence.