The intimacy of gestures

The intimacy of gestures in a Made in Italy jewel

Exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design, contemporary functionality and the highest quality materials are the guaranteed standards of Maria and Luisa creations.

From the design to the creation of the jewel; every step is followed by a master goldsmith who transmits his experience in precious stones, an expression of quality, refinement, exclusivity.

The Maria and Luisa jewels are in 925 silver, handmade by Milanese master goldsmiths using the burin and without the use of computerized technologies.

The gold details are 9 ct. and the burnishing, over time, tends to become shiny, the jewel will thus take on splendor and uniqueness.

The balance of details 

The balance of the details and the classic nature of the ornaments are discovered in the silver surfaces chiseled by hand with the ancient burin technique. Each jewel is shaped and worked with passion, attention and rigor by Italian master goldsmiths.

Geometries, atmospheres and decorative preciousness capture that singular suspension between light and shadow which finds within itself a femininity that does not go unnoticed.

Excellent profiles, essential but at the same time sinuous lines come together in a unique combination of details that gives life to a style in which one can recognize oneself without showing oneself.