Faithful to the best Italian goldsmith tradition, Maria and Luisa create high quality jewels , an expression of love for nature, design, art and life.

All the jewels, in gold and 925/1000 silver with precious and semi-precious stones, are handmade by Milanese master goldsmiths.

The jewels combine charm and originality with the manufacturing rigor that has always distinguished " Made in Italy ". The choice of stones and materials, the careful and patient craftsmanship makes each jewel unique .

The Maria and Luisa creations do not require extraordinary maintenance but only love and attention. The burnished surfaces worn daily will become shinier over time, giving the jewels an ancient flavor that transcends fashion and time.

For this reason we hope they can be travel and life companions and that by wearing them they will become synonymous with freedom and love.


Each Maria e Luisa jewel (bearing the "Maria e Luisa Jewels" brand) is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 24 (twenty-four) months (if ascertained) from the date of purchase reported on the Certificate of Authenticity and/or Guarantee. 

During the warranty period and after the After-Sales service check, components showing a manufacturing defect will be replaced or repaired free of charge. Once the period covered by the guarantee has elapsed, any service or repair work will be the responsibility of the customer.


The following are expressly excluded from this International Guarantee:

  • defects or damage resulting from improper use (disassembly, manipulation, modifications, unauthorized repairs, interventions carried out by unauthorized centres);
  • defects or damage resulting from negligence, accident or abusive use;
  • routine maintenance and cleaning of the jewellery;
  • aging of the jewel and consequences resulting from normal wear.

    For any assistance request you can contact the authorized retailer where you purchased the product or our Customer Service .