Article published at: Jun 21, 2023
All Magazine

The society we live in deceives us by talking about emancipation, equality and freedom but there is still a long way to go for all this to come true. Starting from this assumption, we questioned ourselves for a long time to understand whether the jewel also ran the risk of making the woman fall back into the trap of the fascination desired by the man and forcing her into pre-packaged patterns.


Our response was emancipated in the creation of a style full of character, free from the canons set by fashion or society, which followed the desire for freedom that we believe to be the basis of femininity and style. The woman who chooses Maria and Luisa Jewels is capable of breaking barriers, of recognizing herself and her beauty outside of any imposed canon. He is capable of choosing and following his own path. Our philosophy and our style will always remain linked to the concept that true femininity cannot ignore full freedom.

Maria and Luisa Jewels wants to give space to beauty, to that beauty that is femininity and character, to the beauty that fights like a flower in the rock, that captures and enchants because it is capable of shining and being reborn.
The women Maria and Luisa Jewels have a thousand faces but a voice that is a chorus.
We would like not to have to be told what we should be, how we should be and much less why we should be. All this is freedom.

“The woman who does not need the approval of others is the most feared individual on the planet.”