Maria Luisa Pianegonda had years of absence from the goldsmith sector, during which she traveled extensively.
Years of research to understand that within himself he could find the most beautiful, most intense, truest journey and that only by stopping searching could he find it.

Intense years, which lead to the maturation of the desire to re-enter the market, managing to transpose all the intensity experienced into the jewel. Full of charm and above all not banal. That it had the energy of the world and the welcome of home. Maria and Luisa Jewels was born from the profound desire to express all this and from the desire to propose herself again, creating a jewel that she was the first to want to wear.

“The word memory is static when it is not accompanied by the emotion of the backward journey that it presupposes. An emotion is the journey inspired by the desire to expose oneself to the new without the fear of recognizing oneself in the places. A collected stone worked by time or the sea is rich in shape-creating energy. A leaf, a berry or a splinter of wood, if searched for and then found, brings with it the emotion felt.”


“Observing some dried red roses hanging on a shelf, I asked the woman who had kept them how they could still be so beautiful after so long. She smiled at me and replied: because they are full of good luck wishes and the roses don't want to leave them. If I think about my jewels I don't want people to say that they are beautiful, it would reduce them to banal souvenirs. I want them to be fragments of idyll to place on the table in quiet moments.”

Maria Luisa Pianegonda

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